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About Pigeon Food

Pigeon Food is a sketch comedy series created by Lauren Ashcraft and Charlie Biscotto with the generous assistance of the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Lauren Ashcraft (Co-Writer, Actor) is a queer, multiracial, feminist comedian who first studied standup comedy in 2014 at Gotham Comedy Club under Jim Mendrinos. Following her class, she started to produce comedy shows around the city to practice her art and uplift diverse New York City artists. In 2020, Lauren ran for Congress, and utilized standup comedy to create community with New Yorkers.

Charlie Biscotto (Co-writer, Director) has written, directed, and produced plays and sketches in Los Angeles and New York City. Outside the world of film and theatre, Charlie has worked as a sommelier and mixologist, officiated weddings as an ordained minister, and organized for progressive political campaigns.

Spencer Snyder (Director of Photography, Editor) is a videographer and video editor who has worked on numerous political campaigns to create edgy content for progressive campaigns. Spencer first met Lauren Ashcraft when he volunteered to create her introductory video which would later be used to create ads and get the word out about her campaign. Together, this team went on to create multiple meaningful projects including a documentary about the Queensbridge Community Garden, which raised awareness and got the appropriate number of signatures to seize abandoned land to turn it into a community garden.

Taylor Williams (Original Music Composition and Sound Design) found his passion for theatre in San Diego, CA as a performer in school and community productions. At the age of 14 he was given a copy of a popular MIDI sequencer and he’s been marrying the worlds of theatre and music technology ever since. After attending American University in DC as a Music Theatre Performance major, Taylor moved to New York City where he continues to work as a keyboard player, composer, and electronic instrument programmer. He’s had the pleasure of working with several artists, such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Heather Headley, Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin, Pentatonix, Gloria Estefan, and Sara Bareilles.

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